I just got the DuoVero and I am having trouble connecting.
I am using the DuoVero with the Chateau board.
I used the mksdcard.sh script from http://feeds.sakoman.com/feeds/yocto/images/omap4-multi/current/

I am trying to connect via putty.  I followed the instructions on the gumstix website.  Here is what I did:
1) connect USB A to B to chateau board
2) set up putty parameters
3) connect to the COM port
4) plug in the power adapter to the chateau board

outcome: Nothing.  Nothing appearing in putty window.  (Does the duovero have a power indication, like an LED or something?  The green LED by the USB port on the chateau board is the only LED I see on)

On the chateau board, it says to jumper pins 37-38 and 39-40 to use the onboard USB console.  I tried connecting to it before and after jumping these pins, and still no results.

What am I missing??