The angstrom/open embedded platform is what most people use. You can do ubuntu and android as well, but the "stock" image and process is the most highly supported... I think.
But to be honest, Steve has made it so easy to get new builds you probably won't need to build the entire system. Just grab bitbake for individual packages that you can't install with "opkg". opkg lets you install packages when your overo board is online.

You can use Steve Sakoman's script for making a bootable card without needing to compile them yourself.

But all that is only if you're not happy with your current image that ships on the gumstix.

As far as cross compilation, we use bitbake. Get a hold of bitbake (you'll get it when you follow that first link), make a recipe, then compile it with bitbake. This will cross compile your program so you can use it on the gumstix. You probably can build on the gumstix too, but it isn't recommended. It's better to just get a build system up on your linux computer that way you can update images on the gumstix w/o breaking it.

As far as USB, you won't have a problem. USB works out of the box. It's up to you to find drivers & supported devices. A lot of common things like USB mass storage, keyboards/mice, some USB wifi cards, etc. have modules already on the gumstix build. Find out if it's supported by linux and then get the driver on the gumstix.

Hope this helps.

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 8:24 AM, Patrik Svensson <> wrote:

Hi again, I am waiting for my first gumstix computer (a firestorm with gallop43 and a LCD screen).

Thanks for the tips on accesspoints.

What development system is the best (angstrom,android, embedded)?
I was thinking of developing a simple logging system the uses WIFI (as access point) and serial ports and maybe a GUI on the LCD screen, it would be nice if the USB ports worked without too much trouble.

Shall I use a cross environment in linux (any distr better suited for gumstix) or is it best to work on the target all the time?





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