Deekay: if you don't build support for the TWL watchdog in the kernel, there is no way to enable it...

Do you mean you have x-loader version 1.5.0? No kernel that old would ever run on an Overo... Type 'uname -a' in your linux terminal session to figure out what version you're working off right now.

To enable the TWL watchdog via your kernel config, add the following line:


And if it is present (mustn't be if you have nothing under /dev...), comment out this line:


Rebuild, and voila, working TWL watchdog
On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 5:36 PM, deekay <> wrote:

I am a gumstix sand user and I have been using a kernel version 1.5.0 (I
think). The issue is that it does not have a watchdog. I cannot find it
under /dev. An other issue is that the bb recipe for the kernel was lost due
to PC hw crash, so I do not really know my current settings that I
configured using menuconfig a time ago...

Is it a way to enable a reliable watchdog without rebuilding the kernel?
Like writing something in a boot.scr script?
The thing is that my current kernel works fine (after many hours of
tweeking) and I would like to skip reconfigure and rebuilding it again, if
possible that is.

My idea is to have a watchdog turned on as early as possible during boot and
start feeding it as late as possible to cover any errors during the whole
startup process.

I have read that the TWL4030 is more reliable than the OMAP watchdog. But I
might be wrong...

Happy for answers!


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