Hi, im engineering student and im using a RoboVero board in a project of a nonholonomic vehicle. I need to measure the RPM and velocity of the vehicle, so im trying to use a odometry sensor (encoder) with the RoboVero board, but im not sure what pins use e how i will make it.

First, i try to use de ADC pins (AD0_0, AD0_1,...) and got this error when run the "adc.py" file of the RoboVero library:

"File 'adc.py', line 4, in <module>
   from robovero.arduino import analogRead, AD0_0, AD0_1, AD0_2, AD0_3, AD0_4, AD0_5, AD0_6, AD0_7
File 'home/marcelo/robovero/python/robovero/arduino.py', line 13, in <module>
   from extras import initMatch
File 'home/marcelo/robovero/python/robovero/extras.py', line 79, in <module>
   from robovero.arduino import pinMode, digitalWrite, P1_0, OUTPUT
ImportError: cannot import namo pinMode"

Sounds like a problem in the code. I have not changed the code as this could make the problem worse

I wish someone could help me with this problem or give me another solution to use the encoder.


Sorry for the bad english. Thanks.