The LED's have a heartbeat functionality now. That is completely normal. You can turn it off if you want by going to /sys/class/leds and then going to the folder for the LED you want to modify. I forget the exact file but I can check when I get home.

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 5:09 PM, gzp <> wrote:

I have a Tobi + overo fire. I've bitbaked a console image + x-load+others.
Everything seems to be working but the red led next to the ethernet
connection keeps flashing. (2 quick)

Why is that ? (it was not so some month ago I've used the device with an
older kernel)
I hope its not some kind error code and the smoke won't come out of the
device :)

Is it possible to turn it off ?

It might have been asked already on the forum, but unfortunately the
forum-search is not working at the moment.


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