Sorry for the delyed response, if you have not gone back to the older kernel, can you try disabling the twl4030-usb and try again, and later try disabling musb-hdrc too..??

If that doesn't work I can help you in writing recipe and doing changes to build kernel 3.4..!

Sudhangathan BS
Ph:(+91) 9731-905-205

On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 6:35 PM, vin047 <> wrote:
Thanks for all the assistance everybody. Just to give a heads up, I wasn't
able to solve this issue and am still clueless. After trying for a few days
i've given up now and will have to think of an alternative to using USB (or
go back to older 2.6.37 kernel) :(

If anyone has any final ideas let me know. I've pasted my full boot log for
future reference, hopefully this may help others <>

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