Hello Iabaye, 

Is there a particular reason why you want Kernel 2.6? Gumstix just released its own Yocto Project meta-layer (using Kernel 3.5) which you can find more about in this page. Yocto Project is built upon OpenEmbedded framework, but it provides more tools and better organization of recipes. 
I'm mostly familiar with this Yocto version of Gumstix BSP layer. Take a look at the wiki article and feel free to ask questions. If you absolutely need to use the older image, let me know. 


On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 1:01 AM, labaye <gumstix.s@labaye.be> wrote:
Hi everyone,
Maybe my first mail was suspicious with a "noreply"  as signature, but I
need some help.
I do not know if I am at the right place, but I need some help to build
a gumstix image.
I follow the interesting tutorial at
This is short and efficient but the question is :
How to choose a particular distribution.
I need to build a system with a Linux overo 2.6.34 #5 that is labeled as
Angstrom 2010.7-test-20110721 (during the tests, but the last 2.6.34 is
rather good)
How can I define the good target in the build environment (openembedded
and bitbake).
This should be rather easy for someone that has rather experience, but
for a beginner that seems hard enough to ask some help.
It should be fine if someone can show me how to edit configuration files
or where I can find the information.


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