This is a followup on case:2703, regarding incompatible gumstix and overo boards that we received.

The problem was diagnosed through the mailing list, but we haven't heard back from customer support. Please reply urgently
Robovero board revision number is PCB30019-R3902

--------------------------------Problem Description----------------
After installing one Gumstix Overo on the Robovero board, the Gumstix is getting hot.
After this, the Gumstix Overo did never boot again, on a Tobi board.

The second Overo is working on a Tobi board very well. But I didn't test this one on a Robovero board. 

I have posted this on the Gumstix mailing list, and we worked out, that the Robovero
board and the Gumstix Overo Ironstorm are not compatible. 
This can be the reason for the malfunction.

Now, I have 2 Robovero boards and one damaged Gumstix IronStorm.

Please, let me know, what I have to do. We are on a tight schedule and would like a replacement ASAP.