It's been a while since I've attempted to change the pin mux configuration of GPIOs on the Gumstix Overo board.  I am currently attempting to patch overo.h with a few GPIO configurations.  This file has lines similar to "MUX_VAL(CP(<name>),   (IEN | PTU | EN | M4)" where <name> is one of the register names from the OMAP35x TRM Table 7-4 without the "CONTROL_PADCONF_" part.

I notice each of these PADCONF register entries in the table has duplicates for each register, since each register is used for two separate pads, or GPIOs.  I wanted to enable GPIO 38, which would be GPMC_A4.  However GPMC_A4 is also GPIO 37 according to the table.  How do I specify which GPIO I'm trying to reference?

Which GPIO will get enabled with MUX_VAL(CP(GPMC_A4),     ( IEN | PTU | EN | M4)?  If it's GPIO 37 how do I specify GPIO 38?

Thank you for your time,