Again a million thanks for all you have and continue to do :)

I don't actually need any of the packages that you disabled so that is a perfect binary for me :)

Would I be able to change the board overo file to open up pins 21, 22, and 23 as gpio and then recompile as per your instructions on jumpknow from those binaries or would I need to build it on my own first?

Thank you again for all your help.
Is managing your own packages and  repositories just keeping copies of them on your local machine so you still have them even if they change?


On Jan 4, 2014 3:06 AM, "Scott Ellis [via Gumstix]" <[hidden email]> wrote:
It's 10 seconds not including the u-boot countdown. You can
disable the countdown in u-boot environment when you are
done with development.

The Wt recipe was broken by an upstream commit at the end of
November. It was a CMakelist.txt change that broke a custom
patch of mine. I just now committed a fix for it to meta-pansenti.

(I have GraphicsMagic, Haru, Pango, Postgresql, MySQL and Qt4
modules disabled in my Wt build since we weren't using any of
them. I did a quick test and Wt built fine with those packages
enabled using the default CMakelist.txt in case you want to use
that instead.)

I also pulled the latest from Yocto and meta-fsl-arm as those both
got some minor commits last week. You already have those

After those changes the pansenti-wt-image built okay.

I posted  binaries here if you want to try them out before
you build yourself.

The kernel is 3.5.7

The pansenti images are what I consider developer images.
All include  gcc/g++ and associated tools and git. The qte image
includes the Qt4 headers and qmake. The wt image includes the
boost libraries that Wt needs, etc...

You might be able to use someone elses package repository.
They might not have built their packages with the same compiler
options  (hard/soft float for example) or with the same upstream
package versions that are on  your custom built system.

Also, there is no guarantee those same packages are going to be
there when you put together the second or third system. I prefer
to maintain my own  packages on a per project basis.

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