On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 3:47 PM, Ash Charles <ashcharles@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Chris,

I can confirm that there is no additional circuitry on the ADC
lines---they go directly from the PMIC to the board-to-board header.
Note though that ADCIN[3456] are multiplexed signals which will be
tied low when the SEL_MADC_MCPC bit in the CARKIT_ANA_CTRL register is
cleared to 0.

Thanks for the quick reply.  It looks like I'm running into the problem where usb3v1 is turned off, causing ADCIN3 thru 6 not to work properly.  On my palo35, if I plug something into the OTG port, and load something like g_ether, then they work fine.  Without doing both of those things, they are pulled down.

I see searching on the mailing list, that this was discussed before, and a patch was proposed in an attachment, but the attachment doesn't get archived, so I'm not able to try it out.  

Does anyone else have a quick patch to solve this?  I'm fine with usb3v1 always being active, if that is easy to do.