Hello -

I am a new user to the gumstix, and I am trying to setup an Overo water COM
and Summit Board to interface with another board through a serial
communications link.  So far I've gone through the initial setup
instructions and I'm able to login to the board through the serial console
USB port.

When I try to do a 'bitbake omap3-image-console', the process fails when
it's trying to compile socat.  I think there's a problem with the socat
package, so I am waiting for a fix.  I think I need to make a new image with
the appropriate changes to make the overo cold-boot into the configuration I

In the meantime, I'm interested in learning how to setup the 40 header pin
on the Summit board from the userspace.  I would like to first try to use
/dev/ttyS0, which I believe are pins 9/10.  I have references to which GPIO
numbers these pins would correspond to.  I have downloaded the 'sertest'
program onto the overo to test the serial port, but as the overo is
configured right now I'm not getting anything.

I've looked at older mailing postings.  I've tried using the
"/sys/class/gpio/export and cat'ing the direction and value settings" method
without much success.  I've read about the devmem2 method, but I haven't
deciphered the exact memory addresses I would need to access yet.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to post detailed instructions on how
I can get serial data in and out of /dev/ttyS0?

ed koshimoto