I'm forwarding this one to the general GumStix mailing list. If you're a Bay Area GumStix developer and you want to see what I've done to make myPhone development a bit smoother, the Homebrew Mobile Phone Club meetings are open to anyone who wants to show up.

BTW.. the myPhone is based on the GumStix Verdex + Goliath + Samsung LCD, and we've been developing with the ConsoleLCD based prototype for the last month or so. So if you're working on something similar, there might be some good info you can use. Plus, I would love to hear what you're working on...

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From: "Matthew S. Hamrick" <msh@hbmobile.org>
Date: November 8, 2007 1:55:22 PM PST
To: SVHMPC <SVHMPC@telefono.revejo.org>
Subject: [SVHMPC] November Meeting Announcement (Wednesday, November 17th, 6:30PM @ the Mozilla Offices)

Homebrew Club Members...

The November Meeting is on... we'll be having it this coming  
Wednesday at 6:30PM at Mozilla's offices in Mountain View.

   1981 Landings Drive, Building K
   Mountain View, CA 94043-0801

This month I'll be giving a brief presentation on downloading and  
configuring tools and software to make a stock Xubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy  
Gibbon) installation work as a development platform for the  
ConsoleLCD-based myPhone prototype.

Topics include:
   * what packages to download
   * how to evoke the BUILD scripts
   * how to configure Eclipse to make myPhone development a breeze

I've build both an "install script" to automate the process and  
developed a VMWare image with all the tools required to complete  
development of a base-level phone GUI for the ConsoleLCD. I'll be  
bringing a few DVDs with the latest release of the VMWare image to  

And as always, there will be the usual business networking and  
technical brainstorming before and after the presentation. It's no  
secret that the Mozilla team has been putting more effort into the  
mobile space recently, so this is a great opportunity to mingle and  
discuss techniques for compiling software designed for the desktop  
into a mobile Linux platform.

Plus, the good people of the Mozilla Corporation are buying us Pizza!  
(Thanks MozFolk!)

The official announcement can be found on the events calendar at:


-Matt H.
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