Hello everyone!
I'm fairly new in the Gumstix family. I've a few questions:
1. I'd like to know if it is possible to connect a Gumstix Verdex + Audiostix II + Console-vx. What arrangements are necessary to be done in hardware and software / drivers?
2. I'm trying to get some sound to come out from my Audiostix II, but when I try to load the sound module I keep receiving the following error messages:
# modprobe snd-pxa2xx-ac97

pxa2xx_ac97_reset: cold reset timeout (GSR=0x0)
pxa2xx_ac97_reset: warm reset timeout (GSR=0x0)
pxa2xx_ac97_read: read error (ac97_reg=124 GSR=0x444)
pxa2xx_ac97_read: read error (ac97_reg=126 GSR=0x444)
AC'97 0 access is not valid [0xffffffff], removing

I'm using buildroot 1559.
Thanks in advance,

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