So basically...
As purchased out of the box... the robostix wifi pack does'nt work.
Did it not dawn on anyone it might be a good idea to
put a Y on the wall wart cable and up the power output
Or maybe note during purchase, that if you want to run this
board stack on the bench, (without making modifications) you
should have an extra wall wart?

> Hi Scott,
> > Now if I add the robostix to the stack... xm4/netwifi-sd/robostix...
> > It boots... the lan jack lights up... activity light comes on...
> > and just when it should be starting up the wifi... the lan jack goes
> > out and no blue blinks on the netwifisd board.... then the lan jack lights
> > up again and goes through the same cycle... like its trying to start the
> > hard ethernet... then the wireless... over and over... almost like the
> > wifi init
> > chews enough power to reset the whole stack... (but that's just
> > a wild guess)
> You need to either:
> 1 - Mod the robostix (to connect V_BATT to V_ROBOBATT) as described here
> <>
> 2 - power both the robostix and the netwifimicrosd board.
> The problem is that the robostix has a 500mA regulator for providing
> power to the gumstix and the wifi module draws more than that, which
> causes the robostix regulator to go into thermal shutdown, which
> resets the processor, and the cycle repeats.
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> Dave Hylands
> Vancouver, BC, Canada
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