I have moved up to the current trunk (1584 I believe)
and I am wondering just what I should expect from the gumstix.
The Wifi now comes up and mwlan0 shows up in ifconfig.
(1559 it did not)
However... if I ifdown mwlan0 (to update the settings -- wep junk)
and then ifup mwlan0 it seems to reset the hard ethernet connection...
actually my ssh session toasts... its not terrible... but its REALLY annoying.
Is this to be expected?
Now if I add the robostix to the stack... xm4/netwifi-sd/robostix...
It boots... the lan jack lights up... activity light comes on...
and just when it should be starting up the wifi... the lan jack goes
out and no blue blinks on the netwifisd board.... then the lan jack lights
up again and goes through the same cycle... like its trying to start the
hard ethernet... then the wireless... over and over...  almost like the wifi init
chews enough power to reset the whole stack... (but that's just
a wild guess)
Take the robostix off... blue blinky on start up and no cycling.
put it back on... network jack cycles... 
I thought it was the way I had assembled the stack... but it
does the same thing screwed together and not screwed together.
Anybody got any ideas??