I'm currently interested in robotics and have been looking at the Gumstix/Robostix combination as a robot controller.  The website says that the Robostix can be used standalone, in which case obviously you'd program it like any other microcontroller.  I'm not entirely clear about the setup when the robostix is connected to the gumstix.  Can you still program it to monitor it's own sensors and then access that info from the gumstix or is it setup strictly as an expansion card that you access using the i2c-io as per the website, or can you do both?  Thanks for any help you can give me.

Just out of curiosity, from what I read the gumstix/robostix don't have any hardware floating point support built in.  Has anyone tried the Floating point coprocessor from www.micromegacorp.com or anything similar.  It connects using i2c or spi and there's info on connecting to picaxe, basic stamp, oopic, etc.


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