Oh nuts.

It looks like I've completely overlooked the fact that I can only connect 1 or 2 expansion boards (Basix or Connex respectively) plus a tweener for RS232.

For an Autonomous Air Vehicle:

I'll need a wireless serial unit for comms (whose interface I am assuming will be an RS232).
I'll need analogue (and probably digital) I/O for sensor inputs and filtering, and servo control. I wanted to use a robostix (Hirose 60-pin)
I'll need GPS. I wanted to use a GPSStix (Hirose 60-pin, but FAQs talk about connection via a STUART as on the RoboStix!).
I wanted MMC for memory expansion. I wanted to use a Basix for its MMC.

Assuming I use a tweener for connection to my wireless serial link, I really think I need a Robostix for general interfacing. Does this mean I'll have to forgo the GPSStix or can I use it without connecting the 60 pin Hirose and instead connecting it to the RoboStix STUART.

Can anyone suggest a solution?
Thanks in advance

Jesse Welling (jesse.welling@gmail.com)

solarwind__@bluebottle.com; General mailing list for gumstix users. (gumstix-users@lists.sourceforge.net)

Re: [Gumstix-users] How do I add more than 2 expansion boards?

IIRC there is a wifi+CF expansion board coming out sometime in the next year.
Then you use a breakout GS which has your serial (you didn't say TTL or RS-232, so you might need
to level shift for RS-232 but this is trivial) and you LCD.

But the short answer is...no. connex boards can only use 2 expansion boards (one 92 pin and one 60 pin) unless you are using a tweener, which is more of a convience thing.

Craig maybe you could feed him some info on the wifi+flash card situation? I've been out of the loop....

On 1/6/07, Solarwind <solarwind__@bluebottle.com> wrote:
Hi all, I'm looking to make a project that needs more than 2 expansion

For example, lets say I have a Connex 400 XM BT Mainboard and I need:
- Wifi
- Serial interface
- LCD Display support
- Compact Flash support

Is there a way to attach more than only 2 expansion boards?

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