I'm getting tired of the segmentation fault... So I tried GCC 4.2.1, and it passed the initial build round (successfully get .jffs2 files)
--Still having problem with Ruby-- it says can't find ruby, and several warning, but no longer segmentation fault when building, at the very least.
--I don't use ruby at all, so I unchecked ruby in the build, and it then succeeded.
--Verdex 600MHz, w/o bluetooth (but it is enabled by default build file)
1. Download latest gumstix-buildroot;
2. Download the latest buildroot (the original buildroot itself), from svn;
3. Copy the /toolchain/gcc/gcc-4.2.1 directory from buildroot to gumstix-buildroot
4. Modify the file /toolchain/gcc/Config.in, (just copy and paste some block), so it can support GCC 4.2.1. It should be pretty obvious, and sorry that I'm new to linux, and I don't know how to make a patch file.
5. Build.
I'll test the httpd/sshd stuff on gumstix later after work to see if it is working now. My next step (if not working) would be to change the uClibc to the latest release version (0.9.29)...
BTW, so many module is not really updated, such as ext2fs... I have to manually extract the ext2fs package to make it to "make"...
I think there should be a easier way to incorporate the latest toolchain build tools, but I need to know what are the files that are patched/changed, and what version of buildroot is gumstix-buildroot based on.
Mi Chen