I recently “upgraded” my U-boot on my connex 200 from 1.1.4 to 1.2.0 in anticipation of using the OE build.  However, since I only have the 4MB version of flash, my attempts to reduce the file system to a size that loads properly have failed.


So – my decision is to move back to U-boot 1.1.4.  I downloaded the buildroot svn again for version 1364 and rebuilt the entire toolchain and filesystem.  There is, of course, in my buildroot a new U-boot.bin file.  A “strings” command on this file shows it is a version 1.1.4 of U-boot.


So far so good.


Now, I hook up the Gumstix to my serial port, fire up Kermit, plug in the Gumstix and start the boot process.  I halt it and get the GUM> prompt.  Now to upload the file.


GUM> loadb a2000000 is executed and the Gumstix says it is ready to receive the file.  Escape back to Kermit and enter:


Ckermit> send u-boot.bin


Kermit starts the file send but the first packet fails.  I have initialized the Kermit protocols as specified in the wiki (and done a hundred times before).  I can Ctrl-C out of the send back to the Kermit prompt but a “connect” to the Gumstix just hangs.  I thought that it was the Gumstix hanging on file receive but when I removed power from the Gumstix, I still cannot recover the Kermit session.  I have to kill the process to get back control of the terminal session.


The only thing that I can think of that changed is that I updated by Gentoo system (emerge –va –update world) since my last successful download.


Anyone have any suggestions?  I am trying to isolate the problem to a particular area and since I have been mucking about by changing U-boot, I am wondering if v1.2.0 on a connex can create this behaviour due to memory size conflicts?