If its not in the repos why not cross compile it yourself? Seems would be the easiest route to me. Also I find using opkg install anything from the main repos tends to be VERY hit and miss and does not have all the packages built for it.

I personally find it easiest to install all you need in your own custom image, saves time in the long run since your not installing a package set after install.

If you dont want to compile it yourself look here for the package you want and make sure you get it for the right architectures


On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 8:23 AM, Olivier @ Soudez <monnoliv@soudez.be> wrote:
Hello all,

I'm have an OVERO fire target and I cross-develop with Eclipse.
After several hours (days? :-) ), I managed to cross-debug with Eclipse
and the target automatically using gdb (host) and gdbserver (target),
works fine.
Today, I've flashed a new image on my OVERO SD card, and since gdbserver
was not on the rootfs, I tried to download it afterwards, with these
sudo opkg update
sudo opkg install gdbserver
but I receive this message:

 * Cannot find package gdbserver

That's really annoying since I cannot find this program already compiled
for the arm.
Is someone can help me?


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