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On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 10:05 AM, Itamar G <> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for information regarding upcoming Gumstix COMs (preferably ARM9 dual-core designs - OMAP4 / Nvidia Tegra 2).
I want to use Gumstix as a platform for machine vision, and every bit of processing power will help. I'm a little flexible on my hardware purchase date, and I'd really hate to buy the current OMAP3530 based modules and have a DM3730 / OMAP4430 based module come out a week after...

I have tried searching the mailing list archive, but only came up with posts from about a year ago, with no real response from Gumstix staff (
I have tried contacting Gumstix sales directly, but they were increadible unhelpful on the matter (I would have gladly accepted a response that said "we're unable to disclose that information", but they were just inexplicably unable to provide any relevant responses...). 

Kind regards,
Itamar Gilad
Tel Aviv University

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