I am a graduate student working on a project with the Gumstix Overo Fire and Tobi Expansion Board. This is my first time working on a Linux embedded computing project ever so help would be much appreciated. 

My task is to create a python code for a GPIO (I was planning on GPIO10). This code will turn the pin high to have a voltage output and then turn the pin low. 

I was doing some testing in the command line with the following prompts: 

echo "10">/sys/class/gpio/export 
echo "out">/sys/class/gpio/gpio10/direction 
echo "1">/sys/class/gpio/gpio10/value 
Measured with an oscilloscope using PIN 15 as GND 
echo "in">/sys/class/gpio/gpio10/direction 
echo "o">/sys/class/gpio/gpio10/value 
Measured with an oscilloscope 

I saw no change when measuring both times. 

I have been reading multiple forums and all of them seem confusing and complicated. All I want to do is turn the pin high. 

For the python code I figured I would be doing something according to these steps to make the pin high: 
open /sys/class/gpio/gpio10/value 
write a 1 to the value 

Thanks in advance