On Jul 25, 2006, at 9:57 AM, Sean McGranaghan wrote:

I have an older basix 400bt and basix 200 I am using for development, both of these have the 4MB flash installed. I just updated my buildroot from SVN and rebuilt the file system image with the default options. The new image is coming in at 4391832 bytes. Needless to say u-boot complained about the image being bigger than available flash, and I can no longer load new images. I looked over the options and everything looks ok, very bare bones. Anyone else have this problem? Is there something none essential I can cut out?

I just built the HEAD of trunk, and got:

craig@azazel ~/code/gumstix/trunk $ ls -l rootfs.arm_nofpu.jffs2
-rw-r--r-- 1 craig users 3008644 Jul 25 13:18 rootfs.arm_nofpu.jffs2

Did you build some other stuff, and not clean out build_arm_nofpu/root?