For example:

static struct omap_video_timings samsung_lte_timings = {
        .x_res = 480,
        .y_res = 272,

        .pixel_clock    = 9200,

        .hsw            = 41,
        .hfp            = 8,
        .hbp            = 45-41,

        .vsw            = 10,
        .vfp            = 4,
        .vbp            = 12-10,

static int samsung_lte_panel_probe(struct omap_dss_device *dssdev)
        dssdev->panel.config = OMAP_DSS_LCD_TFT | OMAP_DSS_LCD_IVS |
        dssdev->panel.timings = samsung_lte_timings;

        return 0;

Your parameters are: OMAP_DSS_LCD_IVS and OMAP_DSS_LCD_IHS

2010/8/3 <>
I have a QVGA display ( Powertip_320x240 PH320240T-002 ) which was
working with the
verdex  framebuffer driver without any problems.

Now i connected the display to the Chestnut board and tried to get it run.
The display is not working correct, some flickring pictures.

I know how to change the timings of the display with
But fot the framebuffer driver on the verdex system i had to set the
following paramaters too:

hsync:0 ( horizontal and vertical sync must be low active )
outputen:0 ( output enable polarity must be low active )
pixclockpol:1 ( rising edge )

Does anybody know how i can set these values either by the sys
filesystem or by changing the 'default' panel driver?
I already checked the panel drivers and some headers but i could not
find corresponding attributes there.


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