DSP allow you to do h264 compression without killing your CPU.  You're looking at 70% CPU usage for 320x240@30fps MJPG compression without DSP vs 20% CPU usage for 640x480@30fps h264 compression.

On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Chris.C <chris.coulter@ntlworld.com> wrote:

I have been looking into using the Caspa VL with the Gumstix Overo Air COM,
however I'm having some doubts. The overall final design would go onto a UAV
so I need the wireless capability of either the Overo Air or one of the
Overo Fire boards.

The Overo Air comes with the OMAP 3503 which only comes with the ISP
interface. This would allow me to get the image from the camera and
potentially transmit it wirelessly to the ground. Correct?

However, the Overo Fire comes with the OMAP 3530 which has the ISP interface
(with what seems a few more features) and a DSP. And again I assume I could
get the image and transmit it wirelessly.

Camera systems really aren't my strong point, so I'm just wondering what I
lose or gain by sticking with the Overo Air or do I have no choice but to
use the Overo Fire as DSP is a must? Why is DSP so important if the Caspa
camera is listed as compatible with the Overo Air?

Thanks in advance for any replies and ideas.
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