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Thanks J.L.



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I have never had any regular luck using opkg to install anything, it has failed me more regularly than doing it during the image build.

>> Ok. I believe you … So Why is it in the Wiki ??

No clue for my experience there are many variables that are dependant on the build machine the OS your building it on and so forth. I have just gathered lots of random bits and what works for me I make note of. But for the most part building your image on the main site works fine for me. The wiki has lots of good info even if outdated you can take whats there and tweak to your individual needs.


Have you tried building your own image with it in there?

Yes I just add it to the image recipe and all is good for with that.. 

>> I’m still learning the ins and outs of Gumstix so I’m not sure how to do this L

What ever recipe you build lets say the desktop image. You open the .bb file and add task-native-sdk to the recipe or copy the one your using make a new name for it and start adding everything you have been installing through opkg

>> Also. There is a tutorial I believe but I’m not sure if it is current …

Just setup the build environment and start giving it a go, its what I did and kept banging my head till things finally started to work for me, but I noticed once the OE images were running they had issues I do not find with android or ubuntu images that I build. I honestly never grasped why I dont seem to have the same luck as others on here with OE


Also I have noticed going the opkg install route sometimes others can use it installing the exact same thing as you but for some reason yours wont install it.

>> Weird  L

Like I just put in my OE image and ran opkg to install task-native-sdk and it installed for me with no errors.

I have started using my OE images less and less, I have not been happy with it in the least bit.

Maybe this has to do with what steve is building and the image you are running when installing against whats been built and put online for opkg. But I honestly have no clue. Right now I am happiest running a Ubuntu image that has an lxde desktop. I have it boot like a standard console image when the stix is actually in my plane, but leave the desktop for when I doing work with it at home, also have been trying to get some things regarding the desktop to be transmitted to my groundstation but thats totally off subject.


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Hello All;


I’m still having problems with the “task-native-sdk” installation.


Configuring perl-modules.

Configuring libgmp10.

Configuring libmpfr4.

Configuring cpp.

Configuring cpp-symlinks.

Configuring g++.

Configuring g++-symlinks.

Configuring make.

Collected errors:

 * check_data_file_clashes: Package libpanelw5 wants to install file /usr/lib/libpanelw.so.5.7

      But that file is already provided by package  * libpanelw

 * check_data_file_clashes: Package libpanelw5 wants to install file /usr/lib/libpanelw.so.5

      But that file is already provided by package  * libpanelw

 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package task-native-sdk.

 * pkg_run_script: package "hicolor-icon-theme" postinst script returned status 127.

 * opkg_configure: hicolor-icon-theme.postinst returned 127.


The install script(?) appears to be configuring CPP and g++ However for some reason there appears to be an error in the install script ?

Something to do with “libpanelw” Whatever that is.


It occurred to me that maybe the last thing the installer did was to set an environment variable telling g++ and CPP where to look for

libraries. Some of the software I use sets the LD_LIBRARY-PATH variable. So I typed “set” to see what the environment variables were



root@overo:~# set












PS1='\u@\h:\w\$ '

PS2='> '

PS4='+ '









I’m wondering if I need to add something to the PATH= line and if so how ??






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