I'm trying to create a device with GPIO using a console-vx. I've found some instructions for how to switch on and off GPIO ports and read in state from them (using /proc/gpio/, as described at http://www.gumstix.net/wiki/index.php?title=GPIO#Verdex_GPIO ). I've also found the schematics for (this revision of) the console-vx at http://pubs.gumstix.com/boards/CONSOLE/VX/PCB10003-R2244/ .

Am I right in thinking that the only way to find which GPIO connects to which physical pin is by tracing through the schematics and board layout files? There's no actual list of virtual pin to physical pin mappings?

Am I further right in thinking (having had a brief look at the schematics) that all three of the mini-DIN-8 connectors only have three of their 9 connections (8 pins + outer ring) connected?

I'm hoping for 8 GPIO ports; are all of the pins configurable, or are some fixed? I was thinking about using the eight AC97 or the eight I2C pins, but I don't know whether ground, for example, will always be ground. Are all GPIOable pins capable of running at the same speed?

Thanks for your help,