Yes thank you! I figured that out in the meantime. It seems like the two of us are on the same track at the moment. We should stay in touch, might help! At the moment I'm waiting for a usb-serial converter to connect to the verdex's ffuart exposed by the robostix. I'm trying to use the bits and pieces that are to be found in the lab.

Will you be using a SD card or a CF card? I got the facilities for both lying. What's to be prefered?

If I buy a SD card, which one? I know somebody made a comparison, where can i find that?


2011/1/13 EnricoBoni <>

Hi Steffen,

>The libsamplerate thing is a bit different though. The folder
>/tmp/work/armv5te-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/libsamplerate0-0.1.7-r1 is
>more or less empty, just 2 files of which one is a empty log file...

I got the solution changing the MD5 and SHA256 in:

to those actually obtained when the archive is downloaded. Search
"openembedded md5 libsamplerate" to get more help.

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