Look at the Beagleboard or Palo (??). They both use the TI TFP410. The chip converts to an HDMI output.
It is a good example of how to use the OMAP and talk to a display/HDMI.

To make this work (I have done the interface to an 7" 800x480 LCD), you will need to modify the board_overo.c file. Look at the changes surrounded by ifdef LCD43.
To add a new display you have to add it to the Kconfig, Makefile and add a file all in [kernel root dir]/drivers/video/omap2/displays. The new file will have the custom settings for your display. The TI OMAP documentation on the display hardware will let you calculate all of the data you need for the display timing.
In the kernel documentation there is a decent explanation. http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/arm/OMAP/DSS

If after reading all the kernel documentation, looking at the code, and reading the OMAP documents none of this makes any sense, you need to find/hire an expert.
That is not me.
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