Yes, that was me trying to get some life out of 1wire. I haven't given up completely on using the OMAP 1wire bus master, but for now I'm using a USB 1wire master (DS2490).
Actually, one reason for suspending my efforts was that looking into the code of the bus master seemed to suggest  that only HDQ mode, but not 1wire mode was implemented. This was quite some months ago and I forgot most of the details I had in my head at that time, but I seem to remember that parts of the driver that would be used for 1wide more ware not implemented, moreover, the driver was initializing the 1wire HW for HDQ mode with no option/configuration for 1wire.

<disclaimer> All of the above could of course be wrong, me not being a programmer. </disclaimer>


On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 12:59 AM, Frank Agius <ftagius@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm trying to enable the HDQ/1-wire functionality on an overo/summit
combo.   According to the gumstix docs, the HDQ_1WIRE is available on
pin 19 of the summit 40 pin header.  I've compiled the driver,
omap_hdq.ko, for linux kernel 2.6.33 and have loaded the module. But a
scope probe on pin 19 never shows any activity (the pin is always high).
 The file /proc/interrupts shows 0 interrupts for ompa_hdq.  I found a
thread in the owfs forum
that mirrors my problem exactly, but there was no resolution.  Does
there need to be any code added to the linux kernel file board-overo.c
to enable the HDQ/1-wire functionality?


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