So far we are using a bench power supply that provides 5V with a current up to 2.5A,

I've read somewhere that the blue LED on the gumstix is the power regulation circuit LED (might be totally wrong), it's blinking during bootup is that normal ?


2011/3/21 Frank Agius <>
On 3/21/2011 11:15 AM, Simon Jouet wrote:

I am working on a Gumstix Overo Earth and got some troubles with it,

At the first boot the nand of the gumstix was empty and I have seen that
few other people had the same trouble, therefore I created a bootable
microSDHC to start the linux.

Once linux is loading the gumstix reload randomly at some points I tried
with the prebuilt images initialy and now with a custom built image but
still the same problem,

It looks like power management issue,

Any idea ?

That can happen when the input power supply can't provide enough current.  Although the steady state current at 5v is in the 250ma to 350ma for the earth (depending on the kernel version and the daughter board the earth is connect to), current can spike much higher, especially during boot.  What are you using as a power supply?  How much current can it supply?


Simon J.

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