@etd083 or anyone with BT success,

I have a 115000 speed connection up an running reliably between my Overo Air and a Linksys Bluetooth dongle on my Ubuntu desktop.  I tried to bump up the speed using the HCIATTACH_SPEED parameter in /etc/default/bluetooth, but anything other than 115000 does not connect ( using pand -c )   Are there additional edits that are required to change the speed?  My older Connex talks Bluetooth at 921600.  Does the HCIATTACH_START_SPEED need to be changed as well?  Please chime in if you have no trouble running an Overo Air at higher bluetooth speeds, it would be nice to know :)    


On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 9:41 AM, etd083 <etd083@verizon.net> wrote:

Back in October 2009 (2.6.30 kernel) I was able to configure the
HCIATTACH_SPEED to 1500000 and successfully run Bluetooth on the overo.  I
could set up the overo as a BT NAP and successfully sftp an 11M file with no
issues.  Today when I build the omap3-console-image and bump the speed up, I
am having issues when I attempt the same file transfer.  I am able to
connect and the sftp starts transferring the file, but after about a third
or half the file is transferred I start getting the following messages:

h4_recv: Unknown HCI packet type 77
h4_recv: Unknown HCI packet type 4c
and more of the same...