Seeing as there are no replies I'll offer this:

I believe it is OTG (on the go) mode that you want. I think you have to build your kernel with that enabled.

Post back when you find out how.
I'm also interested, but it's not in my immediate plans.

On Dec 20, 2010 12:14 AM, "headupinclouds" <> wrote:
> Does anyone have a pointer for information on how to mount/share a gumstix SD
> card partition on Windows. I should be able to make the partition (probably
> FAT or ntfs for windows) with fdisk, but don't know how to make this visible
> to Windows over USB. My apologies if this has been addressed on the forum
> already. I couldn't find any leads via the search. I need to provide a
> basic thumbdrive capability for a windows user (dump files from windows)
> with some simple processing of the files from Gumstix.
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