Have you rigorously tested your power system?

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 10:29 AM, <rok@kanardia.com> wrote:

We are using gumstix overo water in an airplane instrument. Part
of the testing include low temp. tests in fridge. Testing temperatures
are around 3 degrees C. Some of the gumstix with this revision have
trouble with booting.

The LED lights up, but on serial console there is no output, even "40W"
of the first stage bootloader is missing. I have tried replacing the X-loader
with newer but no success.

However after reseting the unit with a button, boot begins. If I turn
on/off power
sometimes the unit boots sometimes not.

On the mailing list I saw the solution with pullup resistor on RX line,
but it
does not make any difference.

The problem occurs on at least 5 instruments and only some overos have

What could be the problem.


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