On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 5:41 PM, Søren Steen Christensen <lists@ssc-solutions.dk> wrote:
Hi Rich,
I didn’t – Actually I even don’t own a Tobi Duo base board – I just pointed
you to the commit in Sakomans GIT tree :-) In case the third part of the
diff won’t apply I would just go ahead and add it manually – Alternatively
you can try the following:
h=8b0e10168c188764f7733feebdb6ffc72122459f and
, which I think is supposed to do the same, but against another/newer

Yes, those different baselines were giving me fits.  I could see the evolution, and what I needed, but I had made a wrong assumption as to the specific version I had started with.  After finding the git_www.sakoman.com.git.linux-omap-2.6.git_... file in my sources, I started to piece together what I had, and what I needed.

I pulled a newer version (but not newest) of the linux_omap-2.6 tar and changed the recipe to point to that SRCREV.  (I have to do this separately, as there is a firewall blocking my git port).

I've got my two interfaces up and running now.  (whew!)

Many thanks,