I see suggestions like this for upgrading mlo...

mmc init
fatload mmc 0 $loadaddr MLO
nandecc hw
nand erase 0 80000
nand write $loadaddr 0 20000
nand write $loadaddr 20000 20000
nand write $loadaddr 40000 20000
nand write $loadaddr 60000 20000

my uboot is pretty old so it uses the old "mmcinit" and doesn't have $loadaddr set. What should I use instead?

btw, is it ok to update a proto overo board do you think? It won't boot from sd (crashes) so I figured that might be the only thing I might fix that makes it different from the board that does work. It does pick up uboot from sd but then in that environment a lot of stuff is not right. eg fatls refuses to work, so the sd might not be happy.

Brad Midgley