OK, it plugged with a powered USB hub now, no I haven't changed anything when it came from Gumstix.

It the same, do you want me to try the console port too?


audio pts tty36

block ram0


bus ram1 tty38

char ram10 tty39

console ram11 tty4

cpu_dma_latency ram12 tty40

disk ram13 tty41

dsp ram14 tty42

fb ram15 tty43

fb0 ram2 tty44

fb1 ram3 tty45

fb2 ram4 tty46

full ram5 tty47

i2c-1 ram6 tty48

i2c-3 ram7 tty49

initctl ram8 tty5

input ram9 tty50

kmem random tty51

kmsg rtc tty52

log rtc0 tty53

loop0 shm tty54

loop1 snd tty55

loop2 tty tty56

loop3 tty0 tty57

loop4 tty1 tty58

loop5 tty10 tty59

loop6 tty11 tty6

loop7 tty12 tty60

mem tty13 tty61

mixer tty14 tty62

mmcblk0 tty15 tty63

mmcblk0p1 tty16 tty7

mmcblk0p2 tty17 tty8

mtd0 tty18 tty9

mtd0ro tty19 ttyS0

mtd1 tty2 ttyS1

mtd1ro tty20 ttyS2

mtd2 tty21 ttyS3

mtd2ro tty22 twl4030-madc

mtd3 tty23 ubi_ctrl

mtd3ro tty24 udev_network_queue

mtd4 tty25 urandom

mtd4ro tty26 usbmon0

mtdblock0 tty27 usbmon1

mtdblock1 tty28 usbmon2

mtdblock2 tty29 vcs

mtdblock3 tty3 vcs1

mtdblock4 tty30 vcsa

network_latency tty31 vcsa1

network_throughput tty32 watchdog

null tty33 zero

psaux tty34

ptmx tty35


On 28 October 2010 14:49, dtran11 <dtran11@gmail.com> wrote:

You can try the OTG port. It defaults to Host mode unless you changed it.
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