I've been working on porting an application from the DM6446 to the OMAP3530 (Overo Fire). On the DaVinci the CCDC was used for for general data acquisition - a straight passthrough of RAW16 (8-data lines with par_bridge, of which we use only 12-bits) which is then acquired in the application space as a v4l2 buffer.

However, with the ISP on the OMAP this has been much more difficult than originally expected. I've traced up and down through `isp.c`, `ispccdc.c`, `omap34xxcam.c`, `board-omap3beagle-camera.c`, `v4l2_int_device.h`, `videodev2.h`, and others trying my best to create a configuration that simply lets the data through the ISP. My driver is a stripped down version of the `mt9t111` renamed as `fsr172x`, but I keep getting hung up on `isp_wait` and `Ouch!` errors.

The deadline for this part of the project is coming up in just a few short days and I would really appreciate the help.

Current Patches: http://github.com/fastr/fsr172x/tree/master/patches/
Simple Capture Application: http://github.com/fastr/fidcap
Development Blogpost: http://fastr.github.com/articles/dummy-isp-ccdc-driver.html

The resolution and frame-rate above are convenient, but we can hack some byte mapping if we can get it to work reliably at another resolution / fps.

In addition to benefiting our project, the final documentation would be very beneficial for any of the Gumstix Community who wants to tweak the ISP/CCDC with vendor specific extensions.

AJ ONeal