I hope this is ok to ask such questions here.

I've a project of my own where I want to plug a camera and a wifi stick to a small onboard computer.
Gumstix looks like a good choice.

My knowledge:
- Linux, C, some kernel and user-land programming
- Very basic electronics, soldering etc

My requirements:

- encode ~720p30fps audio&video (TI's H264 codec+AAC)
- capture video via the USB  2.0 host (via UVC supported webcam that fits the above resolution and fps requirements on Linux)
- transmit via the wifi stick (not the integrated wifi of the Overo's as it's not as powerful), transforming of of the micro usb port to another USB 2.0 host
- as lightweight as possible
- battery power (lipo + switching psu @ 5V, unless the COM onboard switching PSU can work off 1S lipo [3.7 to 4.2V battery] )
- Possible future extensions of the project using I2C and PWM

My idea:

- Overo Water COM

My questions:

- Do I _require_ an expansion board, e.g. a Summit board, or is it easy to solder proper 2x USB host ports, Power plugs ? (this is for the weight)
- Same question to use the audio input / output and eventually I2C and PWM
-Does anyone have experience with the h264 encoding capabilities with the OMAP 35x (i've read the webpage about the performance, it seems acceptable). I want acceptable 720p video streaming.
-Will the board provide enough power for both USB devices? (camera+wifi stick)

Thank you!