I've got a RS232 UART sitting behind a SPI with a chip select.
I've tested that my driver works the way I expect in terms of
raw functionality (using echo "blah" > /dev/my_uart and cat /dev/my_uart, etc),
and it's currently sitting in /dev/my_uart.
But now I'd like it to function just like anything else in /dev/ttyXYZ
Is there some sort of thin wrapper or interface that I can implement
so that I could control it with stty?
I was expecting that in stty.c I would see something like

switch (user_baud) {
   case 96000:
      baud = B96000;

int fd = open(device_name, baud_rate | );
send(fd, data, len);

and I would be able to implement that on my side of the driver to make use
of the same #defines

but when I was fishing around in stty.c it looked much more complicated.

Any pointers on how to go about that?

AJ  ONeal