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In case you have not seen it, Gumstix has posted this "known issues" notice at gumstix.net:


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On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 12:28 AM, Marcel Jost <marcel.jost@bfh.ch> wrote:
I bought a Overo Fire/Tobi combination. Is it possible to do a work around to get them work together?


Frank Agius wrote:
> Frank Agius wrote:
>> frank agius wrote:
>>> I just received an Overo Water and Tobi.  There is a component on the
>>> underside of the Overo Water that directly hits a component on the top
>>> of the Tobi.  This prevents the board from fully inserting into one of
>>> the Tobi sockets (the Tobi socket nearest the RJ45 connector).  The
>>> Overo connector is as least halfway out of the Tobi socket and I'm
>>> assuming that some pins on the connector are not making connecting
>>> properly.  An Overo Earth does not have the protruding component and
>>> seats properly on the Tobi.
>> Correction:  I'm gotten my earth, water, air and fire mixed up.  The
>> clearance problem is with the Overo Air and Tobi.  The component on the
>> Overo Air with the clearance problem looks to be a capacitor C59 (the
>> silkscreen lettering is blurry).  The component that C59 hits on the
>> Tobi is IC5.
>> frank
> Just posted on http://www.gumstix.net/Hardware/cat/Known-issues/112.html
> May 2009: Tobi board: use with Overo Earth COM and Overo Water COM only
> Gumstix recommends that the current revision of the Tobi expansion board
> only be used with the Overo Earth COM and Overo Water COM. The clearance
> between the Tobi expansion board and the components of the Overo Air COM
> or Overo Fire COM needs to be increased to allow proper connection of
> the two boards together.
> A revision of the Tobi expansion board is in Gumstix development to
> allow Tobi to be used with every Overo COM.
> frank


I bought a Overo Fire/Tobi combination. Is it possible to do a work around
to get them work together?


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