On 11/17/06, Dave Hylands <> wrote:
Hi Marc,

> Everyone else: I'm going to be attaching a Sensirion SHT-15 digital
> temperature/humidity interface to my Gumstix shortly. No ADC required.
> Calibrated. Simple I2C-like interface. If you can bit-bang these with a
> BASICStamp, then using a userland GPIO program on Gumstix ain't gonna be a
> problem.

You can also use the kernel's i2c capabilities:

I just interfaced to the SHT-75 (same part just tighter specs) on an 8051 project earlier this week. The interface is "like" I2C but not quite compatible. While it may be possible to fool the I2C interface to talk to it, you definatily wouldn't be able to use any other I2C devices on the bus as well (according to the FAQ). It was pretty straighforward to bit bang the interface though. There was some sample code on their site which provided a good starting point.

Jim Felsheim