Thanks for checking, Scott.

I ended up commenting out Gnumeric and Gimp in the end, and it compiled.  Don't think I'll miss either, but my linux knowledge is just enough to be dangerous - are either used in systems tasks, or are they just programs you would run?  Currently revising my requirements to see if I can get away with just a console image.

I appreciate the feedback - good to know it's not just us newbies struggling!


On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 11:32 AM, ScottEllis <> wrote:

Yes, I am getting errors on an omap3-desktop-image build also.
I see your pain.

vala - had to back off to and use a previously fetched file

gnome-mplayer - had to bitbake gcc first to get in the right

gimp - the command to build stock-icons.list failed, a bad png?
| failed to load "./stock-question-64.png": Couldn't recognize the image
file format for file './stock-question-64.png'

gnumeric - the command to build gnumeric-stock-pixbufs is failing, another
bad image file?
| failed to load "./column_add_16.xpm": Couldn't recognize the image file
format for file './column_add_16.xpm'

I don't want to work on this. I only need console ;-)

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