I apologize for this message because its content is not Gumstix specific. But, since most of you probably have dealt with, or will deal with similar problems, here we go.


I am getting into it now, and was looking through my list of classes/functions that I need. A couple of these classes seem like something that should already exist somewhere, and I am not inclined to re-create the wheel if I don’t have to. So, the general question is, can any of you suggest a good source to obtain pre-created tool kits to handle typical functions? Specifically, my architecture would be far more dynamic with the use of a messaging system. I have seen this in place in some medical devices and it provided a great deal of flexibility.


Basically, I am looking for a system where Objects can request/provide information to other objects. Because of the nature of my system, it would be very nice to have one object to be able to request information (Or provide instruction) to another object. These should be tracked and timed. Timing will be used to determine if a sub-system is failing and such. This mechanism can also be used to easily add in new components (Or software systems) with minimal coding. What I have seen in the medical device was that any number (Suppose there is a limit, but we didn’t test that) of diagnostic systems can query subsystems and gain diagnostic information. Since the messaging system was already in place, this required no coding of the system to add in new diagnostic systems. This also allowed for the diagnostics to provide instruction to subsystems.


Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.