Before I start spewing my ignorance here, I thought it a good idea to give a bit of information about my experience, and project.



            I have been working with the Basic Stamp (Don’t choke) platforms to accomplish some of my basic tasks. They are good little machines, but when you are talking about handling complex dynamic environments, they just don’t cut the mustard. So, I have been looking for a Linux based platform that… well, that meets all the requirements the Gumstix meets. I have to say that reading most the posts on this board, and almost all of them on the TikiWiki pages, I am very impressed with the Gunstix platform. Tons of functionality for such a small, low power platform.



            I am (and have been for a disgusting period of time) working on an autonomous robotics platform. I have been researching artificial intelligence for a few years now (Have about the equiv knowledge as a bachelor’s) and am going to apply this to my robotics platform. The hardware is the Crustcrawler (Quad). For sensors, I have a CMUCam2+, electronic compass, and a handful of tactile sensors. I am probably going to add the SRF04 or SRF08 eventually. The CMUCam drives my Pan/Tilt servos, and I have a separate controller for the other eight servos that control motion. All of my devices work via standard RS232 interfaces. With the Stamp, this was trivial in that I simply connect these devices to one of the IO pins on the stamp, and it just worked.

            So, end result of this platform is going to operate much like a Sony AIBO, but will hopefully be quite a bit more intelligent.



            I have the Breakout-gs, Tweener, and the Connex 200. I purchased the Breakout-gs because of all the ports available on it. But, what I cant figure out is how to use all the ports. The circuitry only has one HWUART, FFUART, STUART, but the specs say these all have 4 or more. How do I de-mux the STUART?

            Anyone have a schematic example (If applicable) or whatever to explain to me how to get this done?