The OMAP is rated right up to 90C and if it boots it's probably fine.

The issue with the heat is almost certainly related to the fact that the Gumstix Overa kernel tracks the OMAP kernel branch which doesn't have any power management features in it yet. There are patches out there and hopefully they will find their way into OMAP very soon.


On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 7:07 PM, David Boddie <> wrote:
On Thursday 21 May 2009 21:43, David Boddie wrote:

> On May 06, 2009, Steve Reed wrote:
>> My real worry now is, did I damage the Fire module running it that hot
>> all
>> weekend?  It's still running hot, 78-80 but it seems functional.  I'm
>> just getting started with development on gumstix and omap so I'm not sure
>> how to
>> see if there's any damage.  Obviously if there is any I need to get it
>> returned under waranty soon.
> I've seen reported temperatures of over 90C with the LCD attached - the
> CPU and wi-fi packages are too hot to touch. I'd also like to know if this
> is normal, and if there's any way to reduce the operating temperature.

Is anyone else using an Overo Fire with a Palo43 board? Is this mailing list
the correct place to get help and advice on this issue?


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