> That should work! I did it this way (with a xm4-bt) and succeeded.
> Has it really been an image for the xm4-bt?

..was probably my build environment.  I'll try again with my XL6P sometime this week.

> > * Does u-boot *have* to be upgraded to 1.2.0?
> No, definitly not! In order to be safe keep 1.1.4!

OK, so I can use 1.1.4 in the mean time, but when I finally feel comfortable upgrading to 1.2.0, this should shorten my boot time since the kernel is moved into a separate part of memory, that 1.2.0 can directly point to... correct?

> Yes, should be, I have done it this way.
> But anyway, if you don't move "uImage" to "/boot"/, you would not be lost.
> Question is, how it failed? What have been the last messages?

I did move uImage to /boot, but couldn't get a linux prompt.  Not really sure what failed.

> (It's always a good tip to activate session logging in kermit).

I'll be sure to do this from now on :)  I also need to remember to log my buildroot stuff, and anything else that I could screw up :)

> I have done those steps a few days ago. My problem had been, that I
> failed the first time, not having had the kernel ("uImage") inside
> the root-image. So u-boot was not able to load the kernel. I solved
> this problem (temporarily, only to check) by loading with u-boot the
> kernel into the memory. The commands should be similar (hopefully
> exact) to the following sequence:
> GUM> loadb a2000000
> CTRL \c
> kermit> send uImage
> ...
> kermit> connect
> GUM> bootm a2000000
> The kernel loaded and accessed the jffs2-image. Now I encountered
> the second problem: The file "/etc/modprobe.conf" has had some mesh.
> I saw some very unnice messages about problems/defects with the
> flash-memory. So I had to build a new (correct) image
> and flashed my gumstix again. For building the new image I had to change
> a symlink of my kubuntu hostsystem (from /bin/sh->/bin/dash to
> /bin/sh->/bin/bash). After that all worked well.

I have Ubuntu and have read the dash/bash stuff but I never received an error... I'll change the symlink anyway just to be safe.