The buildroot for verdex still hasn't been merged in fully (the only thing left is updating verdex from 2.6.18 to 2.6.20 them back-merging to trunk).  But for now a very very usable verdex development branch is here:

It has pretty much everything from the trunk (actually, I think everything) except it's on 2.6.18 not 2.6.20 just yet.  I'm working on that now though.

It behaves slightly differently from the trunk -- check the last 20 or 30 "svn log" messages for details.  The main thing is that the partitioning of flash is subtly different, with the kernel uImage being stored directly at the top of flash, instead of being in the JFFS2 filesystem -- this make booting substantially faster on the large flash verdexen.


On Mar 30, 2007, at 12:58 PM, Demetris Zavorotnichenko wrote:

I haven't been developing on Gumstix for a while and now it's the time in my project to do so.
I have noticed that there is a new "Vertex" board available now.
So the SVN Buildroot for Connex is in the same directory ?
The Buildroot for the New boards is located somewhere else?
I am asking so i don't download the Buildroot for the new board by mistake and wonder why it didn't work :)
Demetris Z.
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