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I just have been looking on this mailing list for a while and i have seen some applications in which a Microprocessor with 400 MHz is just not nessesary.
Like for instance:
GPS tracking.
RC, Gyro tracking (with servos)
Serial LCD connection.
GSM applications. - Data transfer.
I mean, take for example The Gallileo Baloon project, no offence, a nice idea but why would someone need a 400 MHz processor to tell a Camera to take a photo and send GPS coordinates with a GSM module ?
Or people are playing with Robots that work on Servos (Like from Lynx Motion)
Mhy would someone need to go and set up a buildroot for a linux environment so that he could move 6 - 12 servos in a sequence or reacting to Gyro data ?
I don't want to offend anyone and maybie most people use this machine for better use. But for those who don't, Could you please explain why ?
Maybie i don't know much about Hardware or if there is a reason that a 200 - 400 MHz processor is needed then please explain that reason to me

A lot of people prefer to save development time and work with more overhead in the hardware when working ok this kind of project. The difference between say $30 for something slower that you have to learn some assembly language to program, and fight yourself to keep your program running inside a few kB of RAM, and a Linux system on which you can write python scripts above a full OS is huge in saved dev time for most people.